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Board of Directors

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Sam Bott


It is hard to say what comes next, but I love to see the development and launch of new drugs. Working with our great team to start PPIP and spark this interest in others is what excites me, and I would love to get a chance to do something similar in the future.


Richard Jones

Board Member

I hope to pursue a clinical residency and career in a critical care setting.  My time with PPIP has allowed me to develop knowledge and skill that keep me up to date on changing practice trends and clinically relevant innovations before they become available to health systems that I look forward to using in my future career.


Collin Wolf


Our collective passion in investing has lead us to ask the right questions in healthcare, allowing Pitt Pharmacy students to understand how innovation and change occurs in the healthcare industry.


Rami Chammas

Board Member

I will pursue a career in Specialty Pharmacy and Hub Services after graduation. Through my involvement with PPIP, I was able to assess many healthcare companies, their pipelines and their clinical trials, which helped me develop skill that will serve me tremendously throughout my career.

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