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Managing Partner

Ethan Markowski

I hope to pursue a career that allows me to combine my interests in pharmacy and business. I am currently considering careers in managed care, industry, and equity research. PPIP has given me the opportunity to really dive into a company and understand how they provide value to the consumer. Being a member of PPIP has more importantly allowed me to meet mentors and colleagues that I will be able to learn from for the rest of my professional career.


Lead Analyst

Shane Seager

PPIP has helped me comprehend what drives growth in the healthcare sector and combine that with my clinical knowledge to make sound investment decisions. Cooperating with the board of directors and the leadership team has also provided me invaluable experience to learn and grow. I am interested in perusing a fellowship or residency with a focus on Immuno-Oncology in Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Managed Care, or Investigational Drug Services. 


Lead Analyst

Joe Mancini

I’m a third-year student pharmacist interested in medical affairs in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in sports medicine. Through PPIP, I want to continue developing my knowledge of healthcare and biotechnology companies and how their clinical developments affect market trends. PPIP has allowed me to research and learn how each stage of drug development contributes to a company's evaluation. These skills will translate directly to career in medical affairs. 


Tony Dalesio

Business Partner

I am interested in learning how to spur biotech innovation and investment into underserved and often forgotten sectors of the healthcare industry. I am especially interested in antimicrobial resistance and vaccine development. PPIP has equipped me with invaluable tools and knowledge that will allow me to pursue these passions in the near future.


Brooke Kulusich

Director of Communications

I am a third-year student pharmacist interested in association management and pharmacy law. The skills I have obtained through PPIP will prepare me for a clinical or commercial role in a healthcare, government, private sector or public sector leadership position.


Josh Cinicola


Through my involvement with PPIP, I hope to develop my ability to recognize industry trends in scientific innovation. My long term to goals are to get involved in clinical trial design and execution, where I hope to apply this skill to stay connected to the cutting edge of scientific research. This will allow me to continue to grow and enrich my scientific knowledge as well as bring new and exciting treatment options to patients.

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