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Christopher Biser

Managing Partner

I am a third-year student pharmacist investigating careers in community and industry settings. PPIP is the perfect blend of my interests in pharmacology and investing. Working with the board and other student pharmacists through PPIP allows me to exercise my leadership abilities and provides me an awareness of emerging therapies that will allow me to better serve patients no matter where my future takes me.

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Jacob Murawski

Lead Analyst

My aspirations to join the pharmaceutical industry following graduation, stem from my goal to combine my clinical knowledge with my interpersonal skills. Being able to understand market trends, as well as communicate a company’s value propositions, are skills that this organization is gifting me to prepare for my future. Through my involvement with PPIP, I’ve come to better understand biotech company interactions with healthcare systems. By performing deep dives into company pipeline products, market trends, and senior management characteristics, our team works to make informed decisions regarding our portfolio.

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Anthony Menard

Lead Analyst

For over 5 years I have been interested in investing. I have not invested at all yet but I plan on starting to invest within the next year. PPIP will help me gain the knowledge to start investing within my own field. After that, I will be able to invest in areas outside of my field. When I graduate, I plan on pursing the business side of pharmacy, which will be greatly influenced by my involvement in PPIP.

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Arjun Narain

Business Partner

I am interested in seeing how clinical data impacts the performance of biotech stocks and expanding the depth of my financial literacy. PPIP has been a great opportunity to explore these additional interests while tieing them to my pharmacy education. I am currently interested in specialty pharmacy but know that the skills I've obtained through PPIP will help me across many areas of pharmacy and improve my overall financial wellbeing. 


Victoria Lee

Director of Communications

I am a third year pharmacy student interested in pharmacy business. I have always had a passion for stocks and investing which has led me to acquire further knowledge regarding scientific innovation. I will continue to expand my knowledge upon the industry and upcoming clinical trials through research and my colleagues. The skills that I have obtained through PPIP will prepare me for a clinical or commercial role in healthcare. 


Mackeyan Martin


I am a third year pharmacy student at the University of Pittsburgh. I have previous experience in multiple different areas of pharmacy including long term care, compounding, retail, and am currently interning in specialty pharmacy. I became involved with PPIP due to my interest in making connections between the real world market and my pharmaceutical education. I hope to take what I have learned and apply it in future industry/specialty positions while also passing on my experience to new pharmacy students.

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