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Managing Partner

Corey Rantz

I hope to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry and improve patient outcomes on a global scale. PPIP has given me the tools to remain up to date on everything shaping the future of healthcare. This organization has allowed me to learn how to analyze every aspect of a healthcare company.


Business Partner

Vincent Piro

I am interested in managed care, and through PPIP I have been able to judge the value of new drugs approved and compounds in the pipeline. PPIP has given me the opportunity to learn aspects of pharmacy that would never be touched on in a traditional curriculum, setting me ahead in the field.


Lead Analyst

Colin Pfeiffer

I’m a P3 student interested in pharmacy analytics, international pharmaceutical business, and innovative technologies in the biotech space. For our portfolio, I mostly focus on products involving international healthcare regulation and markets.


Reporting Chair

Ryan Jaehne

My experiences through PPIP have enabled me to gain a better understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and keep up to date with new innovations in drug research. As a current P3 student, my passion for clinical science and the drug development process has been fueled by my collaboration with fellow students in PPIP who share similar goals.


Mohamed Kashkoush


I am interested in learning how to spur biotech innovation and investment into underserved and often forgotten sectors of the healthcare industry. I am especially interested in antimicrobial resistance and vaccine development. PPIP has equipped me with invaluable tools and knowledge that will allow me to pursue these passions in the near future.


Annalisa Nguyen

Director of Communications

I am interested in the business administration side of pharmaceutical industry and advancing the role of the pharmacist in healthcare. This organization has pushed me to explore nontraditional views of the healthcare industry. Also thanks to PPIP, I am constantly up to date on breakthrough medical discoveries and drug approvals.


Josh Cinicola

Lead Analyst

Through my involvement with PPIP, I hope to develop my ability to recognize industry trends in scientific innovation. My long term to goals are to get involved in clinical trial design and execution, where I hope to apply this skill to stay connected to the cutting edge of scientific research. This will allow me to continue to grow and enrich my scientific knowledge as well as bring new and exciting treatment options to patients.


Jackson Crouse

Daniel Dahmer

Dafonso Davage

David Katz

Brooke Kulusich​

Michael McDermott

Alexis Mingey

Jared Murray

Alissa Pastino

Shane Seager

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