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Operational Timeline

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Over the course of the fall semester, new members will develop their skills in researching companies and creating their own fantasy portfolio on Investopedia. Returning members will serve as a resource to answer questions about where to find company information and their own investment strategies. No prior investment experience is necessary to join. At the end of the BIFL period, the students with top-earning portfolios will share their investment strategies and explain why they chose their investments. Winners will be decided based on the rationale of investments, rather than the financial outcome. 

At the end of the semester, applications will open up for analyst positions for Pitt Pharmacy Investment Portfolio. 

In the spring semester, all PPIP analysts will gain experience in using stock screeners to identify companies that meet our investment criteria. Then, analysts will choose a couple of companies which interest them to complete a thorough due diligence. 

All analysts will present their due diligence findings. As a group, we will vote on whether or not we should invest in the company.

At the end of the semester, all of the investments will be executed as decided upon by the group. There are monthly reports available reporting the financial results of investments. 

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